The Global Network

This weekend I shared my cedar swing with a person with whom I had first connected via the Internet. Now here’s the wonder: she first found me on a social network site specifically for knitters called Ravelry, met me for the first time in Morocco, and this last weekend drove all the way from Maryland to Nova Scotia to spend […]

Experiencing Registry Errors? Get Reliable Computer Support At Help Gurus

Are you experiencing registry errors such as blue screen errors, DII errors and start up errors? Then get the computer help and PC tech support from the professionals, Help Gurus. But first, Help Gurus computer support will help you define a registry and understand why you are experiencing these errors. Windows registry is a database that contains the configurations and […]

What the heck does a consultant DO, exactly? – Management Consulting 101

Visit my website for more insights into consulting: People say that I solve #businessproblems. That’s not wrong. But it’s way over-simplified. What does it mean to “solve problems”? What specifically do #consultants do to do that? So let’s put it this way. Think of #managementconsultants, especially entry level ones as “content ambassadors”. We act like the bridge between a […]

Laptop Screen Repair

Types of Laptop Screen Repair If your laptop screen isn’t displaying pictures quite the way it used to, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Laptop screen repair is the most common type of repair,and establishing the cause of the problem is the first step to knowing whether or not you need a full screen replacement,a new motherboard or smaller replacement. Never […]